August 2012

Downtown, Mid-Town, Suburbs, what's your choice?

The Chicago business community has been talking about Google / Motorola Mobility choosing to move from their suburban location in Libertyville to Downtown Chicago.


We think we can create a place where the best and brightest, whether they are already working (in the) industry or coming out of school, and who want to work in technology and who are from the Midwest, can go and have a career and create a product that millions of people can use," said Motorola Mobility Chief Executive Dennis Woodside.


"You look around the country at startup ecosystems and they're clustered around big companies, medium-size companies and small companies," said Kevin Willer, president of the Chicagoland  Entrepreneurial Center.


In the Chicago area you have choices. 


Northfield-based Kraft Foods Inc., chose a Deerfield headquarters for 400 people at snack-food spinoff Mondelez International Inc. Kraft officials toured office towers downtown but cited a desire not to complicate the commute of suburban employees as a key factor in remaining north of the city


When it comes to selecting scientific space, here are some important considerations

  • Accessibility to talent (proximity to universities and access to public transportation can help)
  • An environment of collaboration (sharing of knowledge and technology)
  • A landlord and facility that understands the unique needs of your science
    • Science space is not office or manufacturing space - critical experiments require critical environmental management
    • Room to grow while maintaining the flow of your experimentation

At The Illinois Science + Technology Park, we have experts to help you select the location that best fits your business needs.