October 2014

Nanotechnology Update

On October 9th, renowned nanotechnology researchers from around the world presented at the Northwestern University International Institute for Nanotechnology (IIN) Symposium.  IIN attracted 884 attendees, an increase of 130 over last year's event.  President Obama noted in a recent visit to the NU campus, "Your Nanotechnology Institute just doesn't conduct groundbreaking research. That research has spun off 20 start-ups and more than 1800 products. That means jobs!" 

At the Illinois Science + Technology Park, nanotechnology related operations have emerged as one of the leading areas of endeavors. ISTP companies involved in nanotechnology activities include  Aurasense Therapeutics, NanoAIiNfinitesimalNumat TechologiesPolyera, as well as The Incubator.  The Park is also home to Oakton Community College's NE3i program, a training ground for tomorrow's nanotechnology workforce.

 Featured at INN was Chad Mirken, one of the founders of Aurasense Therapeutics, as well as the Director of the IIN,. Chad can be credited with a great deal of IIN's success, as well as for Skokie's Nanotech scene. Special Thanks to Brad Rosen for this post. Brad is a member of the Skokie Economic Development Commission.

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