January 2015

ISTP Park Security

Science Parks operate on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week schedule. The Park's security operation is always available to help protect the people, property, equipment and intellectual property.   The security staff is key to insuring that people are safe and that access is monitored and controlled. 

Recently, Fred Robinson, our Director of Security, congratulated Ricardo Torres, one of our lead officers, on his recent opportunity to join the Chicago Police.  Ricardo is the third park officer to "graduate" to the Chicago Police.

"Working at ISTP prepares security officers for law enforcement." Fred notes "The most important goal of an officer is customer satisfaction.  This is a diverse community and the staff is sensitive to the needs of the science and the scientist."


Park security is the first line of defense. Security processes are defined and documented consistent with the needs of each individual tenant.  Each officer receives extensive training and is held to high standards.  Additionally, the officer is trained in first aid and CPR.  The staff uses cameras, and rolling foot and vehicle patrols to regularly monitor park activity.  Security personnel are aware of scientists working late and on weekends.  After hours, regular contact is maintained to insure safety.  

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