December 2017

LanzaTech- Breakthrough

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. and LanzaTech announced a breakthrough in the conversion of municipal solid waste to ethanol. SEKISUI and LanzaTech have taken an existing gasification system at a landfill site and added LanzaTech's fermentation capability to a slipstream of the gas. They have shown that it is possible to recycle the carbon from unsorted MSW destined for landfill or the incinerator and ferment it to make new products that would otherwise come from fossil resources or sugars. This technology aligns with Japan's "3R" strategy of reducing, reusing and recycling resources and supports the nationwide movement to reduce emissions by 26% below 2013 levels by 2030 according to Japan's Paris Climate commitments.
"We must focus on using carbon for products not power, giving carbon a second chance of life," said LanzaTech CEO, Jennifer Holmgren. "Imagine being able to look at your trash can and know that you can lock all that waste carbon into a circular system, avoiding CO2 emissions and maximizing our precious carbon resources. That is a carbon smart future."  To learn more, click here