Breakfast & Lunch

When it's time for a hearty breakfast, make the trip for namesake pancakes, waffles, hash browns and other goodies at this Skokie diner. Oven-baked German and apple pancakes are grown-up crowd pleasers, while kids dig Mickey Mouse–shaped cakes and thin crêpes with fruit.
Our desire is to blend our knowledge and expertise with your goals to design, manage, and operate your dining facility. This collaboration of ideas will determine your layout, marketing concepts and financial arrangement. A.H.'s management style specializes in improving the quality of your food and service while controlling the costs of the operation . In every location we have professionally trained personnel, uniformed and ready to servce you. Our Chef Managers take a healthy approach in preparing delicious signature items with our exclusive To Your Health Program. They continue to learn and create delicious, new dishes as they attend Culinary Works Classes at A.H. headquarters monthly.