SCC Early Childhood Centers

Store Hours: 

Infants (6 wks) - School-Age (12 yrs)

Full day (7am - 6pm) Early Care and Education environment for children from 6 weeks - 5 years old

Before and After school care* (7am - 9am; 3pm - 6pm) for Elementary school children from 5 years - 12 years

Full day/Full week Summer Camp* for Elementary school children from 5 years - 12 years old June through August


Address:8260 Elmwood St
Zip Code:60077
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Company Overview

Store Details
A family-centered atmosphere that fosters the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development to children of varying abilities and diverse backgrounds. The curriculum, lesson plans and learning atmosphere are designed to assist children in catapulting their creativity while at the same time encouraging them to experience the freedom that comes through exploration. Many people who work at ISTP have chosen SCC as their child care provider.
Store Manager: 
Laura Varda - Enrollment and Financial Coordinator
Other Amenities: 
Other locations at: 8064 Lincoln Avenue (just north of Oakton Street; accross from St. Peter's Catholic Church) 8106 Lincoln Avenue (2 buildings north of 8064 Lincoln Avenue preschool site) All locations are within 1 -2 blocks of the Park
Special Information for ISTP
For employees of ISTP businesses, SCC will offer 50% off the 2nd week of tuition if you reference the ISTP website at registration time. (This cannot be combined with other offers)