NanoAl is Acquired

Baidy Industries, Inc. has acquired NanoAl LLC, a world leader in the science of nanocrystalline strengthening technology applied to sheet aluminum, as a third wholly-owned subsidiary. NanoAl will join the Braidy Atlas aluminum rolling mill and Veloxint in the Braidy Industries company portfolio of holdings.NanoAl was founded out of the Department of Materials Science at Northwestern University to commercialize the science of developing stronger aluminum alloys through control of key structural features at the nanoscale. Braidy believes the technology has the potential to significantly enhance the specific strength of aluminum to be produced by its Braidy Atlas mill, creating a competitive advantage within the automotive and aerospace OEM marketplace.
Dr. Nhon Q. Vo, Chief Executive, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of NanoAl said, “Our new partnership with Braidy Industries and Veloxint provides the opportunity to scale our research and development capabilities and become the innovation leader in nano-science technology of light metals.” Craig T. Bouchard, Braidy Industries Chairman and Chief Executive said, “We have been pleasantly surprised at the opportunity to grow our powder metallurgy business via acquisition."